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January 23 2015

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Situated in London, United Kingdom, this luxurious penthouse residence was designed by Amos and Amos for Ballymore.

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January 22 2015

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Contemporary single family residence designed by Peninsula Architects situated in Ohio, United States.

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This black and white two family house situated in Kobe, Japan was designed by Love Design Homes.

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Situated in Regensburg, Germany, this modern concrete house was recently completed by Fabi Architekten.

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Designed by Belgian architecture firm AABE, this beautiful white residence is situated on an island in Spain.

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January 21 2015

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Modern seaside residence designed by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects located in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca, Spain.

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Modern two-storey seaside residence situated in Lerberget, Höganäs, Sweden. It’s currently listed for sale by Peter Landgren.

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Located on a narrow peninsula in Lake Austin, Texas, this 1980s house has been completely redesigned by Furman + Keil Architects.

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Yamamar Design recently finished a remodel of a mid century modern home situated in the Berkeley Hills, San Francisco, California.

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January 20 2015

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Designed by DBALP, this contemporary two-storey residence is situated in Bangkok, Thailand.

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A large family house with immense charm situated in the ever-popular Kensal Rise, close to Chamberlayne Road, in London, United Kingdom.

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Situated near Minsmere Bird Sanctuary in Suffolk, United Kingdom, this modern weekend house was designed by Charles Barclay Associates.

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Beautiful four-bedroom apartment situated on the north side of Hyde Park in London, United Kingdom. It’s currently listed for sale by Domus Nova.

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January 19 2015

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Modern single family residence designed in 2013 by Laurence Sonck situated in Belgium.

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This 7,000 sq ft, three-story residence featuring amazing views of Mount Tamalpais and Richardson Bay is situated in Northern California, United States. It was designed by BCV Architects.

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Contemporary seaside residence designed by Sarco Architects located in Limon, Costa Rica.

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David Michael Miller Associates recently completed this beautiful rural french estate located in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States.

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January 18 2015

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This amazing single family residence situated in Singapore was designed in 2013 by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd.

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Situated in the hills of west Austin, Texas, this modern single family residence was designed by Dick Clark + Associates.

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Beautiful futuristic residence located on the Spanish coast designed by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares of A-cero.

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